Welcome to Babylon

Welcome to Babylon

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Welcome to Babylon

Artist/Band: UNKNOWN

Idiot Stare's third full-length release. 48 minutes of industrial punk goth pop rock. The first full album from the convergence of STG and Insight 23, mixed with the feel of the original Idiot Stare.

Track 1 - BabyLAon
Track 2 - Mainframe God
Track 3 - Dead2U
Track 4 - Hold Me Down
Track 5 - Ghost
Track 6 - Humiliation
Track 7 - Captured Emotions
Track 8 - Eye Candy
Track 9 - Mission Improbable
Track 10 - Porno

Full color four page booklet and tray art included. Shrink wrapped.

Title #1700178
Format: CD-R