In A Silent Place
Produced by Eric Roberts
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In A Silent Place

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In A Silent Place

Artist/Band: UNKNOWN

Many musicians and composers play and create because its their job. Eric Roberts, on the other hand, does it from his heart. In his soothing debut album, In a Silent Place , we are treated to 56 minutes on 13 tracks of purely delightful, heartfelt music. Here is music that is, all at once, soft, clean, relaxing and uplifting.

Technically, Mr. Roberts' mastery of the guitar and bass is as good as it gets. Imagine, no clicks, no skids and no screech. As a matter of fact, don't imagine, listen for yourself. You will hear delightful, creative songs that are a journey to peace. When I listened, I thought of puffy clouds drifting across the sky, and lake water lapping on the shore. Each of the tracks (some played with noted cellist David Darling) will make you think of a cabin on a hillside overlooking a beautiful valley, with a fireplace and good book, feet up in a comfortable easy chair.

When you are trying to find yourself...when the clatter of daily life gets to be too much, you can drift to a place of well-being and peace. That's what In a Silent Place did for this reviewer. Here is music that smiles, perhaps the kind of music we'd expect to hear in heaven. Eric Roberts has given us an aural means to find peace!


"Eric Roberts plays guitar with a sincerity and emotive technique that rivals the finest players we've heard. He is one of those artists who is able to mix technical ability and place it both within a contemporary melodic setting as well as an airy experimental place that rides the thin edge of jazz and newage. His partnership with cellist, David Darling, is magical - the timbres of both instruments compliment each other perfectly as is witnessed in the long mp3 cut here, "The River Runs". Darling - as compatible a musician creatively as you can want when you compare both musicians' styles - offers chaotic and kinetic lines that travel fairly far away from the typical cellist style and phrasing. Darling's artistic statement, along side Robert's, is compelling and full of life."

"Roberts track "Cella's Song" is a melodic and beautiful - it will remind a few players of John Williams touch - especially Deer Hunter soundtrack familiars. "In a Silent Place" has Roberts composition modulating in jazz overtones. We hear Steve Morse like compositional chordal movements without the speed - probably purely unintentional. "Lullaby" brings us tones reminiscent of Hedges' Rickover fun (Rickover's Dream) - but more intimate and less affected. True to what appears to be Roberts' essence, the recordings are done with little reverb or effects - it's bare and beautiful. A touch of a chamber is all you'll hear - and it brings you up close to the performance. .complete with the human rhythm of Roberts' breath. Wonderful. Track 5 on the CD, "Snow" has Eric moving around with quick note flurries and harmonics. .that move into flowing arpeggios to the point that you can almost see the flakes falling from the sky. We love this CD - and Roberts' compassionate playing. Buy it."

Song "The River Runs" honorable mention in 2005 John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

Song "The River Runs", finalist in 2005 Independent Music Awards.

CD was #8 in's Top 100 Radio Airplay for 2005.

CD was #1 and #3 in's Top 100 Radio Airplay for March and April, 2005.

CD nominated in "Best Instrumental Album - Acoustic" category in's 2005 Lifestyle Music awards.

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