BEYOND THE GOLDEN REALMS - Sacred Sound Current Vol.1
Produced by William Wichman, Suzanne Doucet
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BEYOND THE GOLDEN REALMS - Sacred Sound Current Vol.1

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BEYOND THE GOLDEN REALMS - Sacred Sound Current Vol.1

Artist/Band: Tajalli

FIRST TIME available on CD!!! A new age classic by Shaman-Sacred-Sound-Current master TAJALLI. He recorded this beautiful blend of acoustic and electronic elements in 1984. This album was only released on cassette. The cover painting was created by visionary painter Rudney Birkett. Tajalli was a well known flute, synth, guitar and percussion player from the SF Bay Area (originally from Mindanao, Phillipines) Tajalli performed with Santana, Gordon Lightfood, Steven Halpern, Paradiso, Suzanne Doucet and many other artists.
Tajalli went himself to the "Golden Realms" in 2004.

Born William Wichman, of an German father and Mindanaoan mother, he underwent a life-changing experience in 1973 when he met Master Kirpal Singh. His deep spiritual change was reflected in his music, which began as golden oldies tunes, but evolved into new age rhythms. Tajalli played in his early days with artists such as Santana, Gordon Lightfood, Paul Horn and Steven Halpern.

Taj kept close ties with his roots in the tropical islands of the southern Philippines. He dreamed of someday returning to his islands, though his music kept him quite busy locally and in his many studio recordings in L.A., including film.He acted and performed the character Red Bear in the independent movie "Buffalo Hearts". Throughout most of his adult life, Taj called the San Francisco Bay Area home. His blend of eclectic music and positive spirit brought cheer to the thousands whom he touched.

Tajalli and Suzanne have been very close friends since 1983 and have been recording together since. Their album BRILLIANCE was released in 1984,with the critically acclaimed track: Crystal Flight, which was featured in several Visionary Videos. TANTRA ZONE was the follow up release of their collaborations. Chuck Plaisance has been producing with Suzanne for over 10 years (SOUNDS OF NATURE, TRANQUILITY SERIES)He recorded the Nature Sounds on this CD in Hawaii with his special 3 Dimensional recording system and Suzanne and Chuck coproduced IN THE GARDEN OF THE GODESS with Tajalli at Lake Hollywood Studios. Paradiso (HEALING VIBES and SHAMAN's TRANCE) played his phenomenal Didjeridoo on the track RAINMAKER.

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