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Artist/Band: Sensitive Heart

A classic instrumental CD from the '90s. Channelled music from Aaron Hall, interpreted by Doug Thomas aka Sensitive Heart was played continuously in the late '80s early 90's on KTWV the Wave in Los Angeles. It also charted high on many radio stations across the USA. Now it has being reissued by Only New Age Music.

Sensitive Heart was the invention of Aaron Hall and Doug Thomas. They produced Heart Life in 1989 and Suzanne Doucet from Only New Age Music released the album on Valentine's day 1990 on her label Beyond. Aaron Hall reported, that he channeled all the music for years from a divine source and then found Doug Thomas to bring the music into audible form. Doug Thomas, David Arkenstone's brother arranged and performed all pieces of Heart Life.

We can read on the liner notes from 1990 that Sensitive Heart and Heart Life is "an invitation to step inside Love" and

"a desire... to absorb one's whole self and step inside Love... grows as the music gives and gives ...a universal yet tenderly personal Heart Life experience... Share it with your loved ones and friends...

...we need you to continue the vision...
sensitive to hearts... sensitive to the world.

Title #1700980
Format: CD-R