Produced by VyZ and Pritchard Digital Arts
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Artist/Band: VyZ music for movies - Rich Damone, Charlie Tokarz, John Pritchard

"Tornado" is a 43 minute improvization of live music recorded without any overdubs by "VyZ-music for movies". The music is an innovative cross between jazz, rock and classical genres that feature Rich Damone on bass, Charlie Tokarz on sax and flutes, and John Pritchard on drums and keyboards. "VyZ" is all about improvised, spontaneous performed freely in the rehearsing... no writing songs... just the pure, uninhibited sound created on the spot... not to mention, the sheer joy of playing with an amazing group of talented artists at the top of their game.

From the musicians:
Having an open mind to new ideas and experiences is always the playful method we prefer. It is in the optimistic light of free expression that we celebrate our improvisational music & film. We dedicate this music to all creative artists and great improvisers ... especially Sam Rivers.

What Isn't Known About Tornadoes
In the presence of a tornado there are very high electromagnetic fields, visible light, and ball lightning. Tornadoes can cause physical objects to fuse into each other - where matter actually becomes able to permeate other matter. There are cases where two burnt and charred wooden boards were fused together by a tornado, even though they would crumble at the slightest touch. There were pebbles that had gone through glass without breaking the glass; pieces of straw that went through a window and got stuck in the window without breaking it. Tornadoes show that matter is able to disappear or become permeable to other matter in the presence of a strong enough electromagnetic field.

Meteorologists are not sure how tornadoes form but they do know that they are often associated with severe electrical storms. The key to understanding tornadoes is that they are the result of rapidly rotating electric charge. Just as electrons are the current carriers in the copper wires we use for power transmission, so they are in the tornado. The BIG difference is that the electrons are moving at many meters per second in the tornado while they take several hours to move one meter in the copper wire! The result is that enormously powerful electromagnetic forces are in control of the tornado. This effect has been called a "charged sheath vortex."

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