Jimmy Greene: The Overcomer's Suite
Produced by Jerald Miller
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Jimmy Greene: The Overcomer's Suite

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Jimmy Greene: The Overcomer's Suite

Artist/Band: Jimmy Greene

Jimmy Greene is an award-winning Tenor Saxophonist, with several albums under his belt on other labels and a constant tour schedule. His first tome on Nu Jazz Records - Jimmy Greene: The Overcomer's Suite is a bold statement from an emerging artist.

The Overcomer's Suite comprises a four-part composition, each with three movements, that delves into biblical themes. Originally commissioned by Chamber Music of America, it debuted at the International Association of Jazz Educator's (IAJE) conference in New York in front of a crowd of over 6,000 people.

The album contains over 60 minutes of music, including a moving tribute commissioned by ASCAP in the honor of National Endowments of the Arts Jazz Master, Ornette Coleman, Anthem of Hope. Jimmy Greene is backed by Xavier Davis on piano. Luques Curtis on Bass, and Kendrick Scott on Drums. For more information of Jimmy Greene visit www.nujazzentertainment.com.

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Format: CD-R