I Raise This Voice to Spirit

I Raise This Voice to Spirit

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I Raise This Voice to Spirit

Artist/Band: KiP

The Ancient Ones knew well the power of the voice to Call the Divine, Soothe the Soul and Heal the Body. Our modern world is at last remembering that power.

Quantum physics and other sciences are teaching us that our core being is indeed energy. And what is sound but one of many of energies frequencies.

Spirit, The Divine, is guiding us to become fully aware and remember that we are all of One Source. We are that which we send forth and that which we receive. We can embrace that Oneness and with intention effect all that comes to us and that goes out from us. And we have the power to harmonize that flow for our greatest good and the greatest good of all.

Our choices are endless and constant. Even choosing not to choose is in itself a choice.

"I Raise this Voice to Spirit" is a collection of Sacred Songs much like the ones I sing for individuals. Learn how to receive your personal Sacred Song at www.givingvoicetospirit.com.

"I Raise this Voice to Spirit" is now available as an mp3 download, from Amazon, for the entire album or an individual track.

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