Gulan "Sphere". Ambient Electronica Space music

Gulan "Sphere". Ambient Electronica Space music

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Gulan "Sphere". Ambient Electronica Space music

Artist/Band: Gulan

Another release by Gulan whos work is inspired by the music of Klaus Schulze, Michael Stearns, Robert Rich, Tangerine Dream.
The tracks range from ambient electronica to more of a Berlin-school feel. His compositions are full of nice sounds and phrases creating cosmic associations. Interesting combinations of synthetic and acoustic sounds and effects, unusual constructions of musical phrases give to his music its originality and mysteriousness.


I am not usually into 'meditation' music, and frankly bought Sphere because I liked the sound clips that I heard. But, after listening to the CD front to back, I was amazed at the journey that this music takes you through. Unlike other ambient music that sounds like 'repetitive sheet music', this album comes off like a work of art with great ingenuity.

Beautiful passages with slight variations that sweep your mind into the journey that is Gulan.

The first two tracks start with much motion and activity, the long third track Altai changes the mood with placid tonal passages, then tracks 4-6 bring you back into a flurry of mind trips. The last track, Synthetic-x is a fitting poignant ending. I just hope that there is a sequel to this album - I will certainly buy it!

Elton Dearmon

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