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Artist/Band: Joseph Bennette

Want to clear out old programming and open up to a new life?

Then you'll just love these special audio hypnosis imagery exercises by Joseph Bennette. The hypnotic effect of these imageries will help you relax into positive change. Release the old with Clearings. Turn on inner brain chemistry to generate new neurons - and create a new life experience.

Imagine what you might experience as you listen to these powerful hypnotic imagery exercises that use cutting edge audio technologies with the soothing voice of Joseph Bennette. Imagery exercises are different than simple hypnosis or relaxation visualizations. Metaphors speak to the deepest parts of your consciousness to affect change, encourage happiness, and improve attitude and overall well-being.

These are not simply affirmations or subliminal audio - they are specially designed whole-brain exercises for engaging the most powerfully creative energies you possess to help you achieve your heart's desires.

Track list:
1. The Bag (27:21)
2. Spiritual Palace (19:13)
3. Golden Mirror (9:29)
4. Dream (7:57)

01 - Clearing Attachments
Clear out all those old patterns of neediness and self-sabotage. This and the next exercise are based on a cult deprogramming course adapted for use with Rapid Eye Technology. I've adapted them for use as imagery exercises. Do this exercise regularly and free yourself from old attachments and karmic entanglements.
02 - Clearing for Prosperity
Clear out all those old patterns of poverty, worthlessness, and withholding. Increase your level of joy and enjoyment with life in general. Do this exercise regularly and watch your prosperity grow into a natural pattern for you.
03 - Cutting
This and the following two imagery exercises represent a trio of healing imagery exercises that are intended to be used together. Cutting releases old hurts and psychic pollutants held in the body tissues. The concept is that of a thread connecting to the negative pollutants in each cell of the body, floating to the front of the body whereupon all those threads are pulled and stretched until they can stretch no further - then they are cut off at the cell walls. Thwap! Like millions of tiny rubber bands - small amounts left in each cell while the major parts collect away from the body to be dealt with using the Cubing portion described below.
04 - Merging
Where does all that negative (dark) energy go that's left in every cell after the cutting? We migrate all that negativity (darkness) to one side of the body and evenly distribute it. Next we fill the other side with light and lightness and evenly distribute that. Then we merge the dark energy with light energy to produce light energy throughout - like when you turn on a light in a dark room - the room doesn't turn gray - it turns light. Merging opens the alkaline youthing chemicals of the Pituitary gland, sending the body into a relaxed, healing state, most conducive to healing work. Practice this imagery exercise daily and watch your body become more youthful right before your eyes.
05 - Cubing
Learn to feed your body on the negative emotions, negative feelings, and negative attitudes of others - and yourself!
Is it possible? - to feed the body on negative energy? Even the negative energy of other people? YES! Absolutely! This exercise teaches the body how to process the negative emotions, negative attitudes, and dark energies of others and oneself - like the leftovers from the Cutting you did before (see Cutting above). Practicing this exercise daily can give you a sense of well-being and strength even in the presence of the raging emotional storms of others. Feel fulfilled and joyful in the presence of overwhelming negativity.

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