"August Ocean Overture," jazz piano by Michael Guy
produced by michael guy for JzCDz.com
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"August Ocean Overture," jazz piano by Michael Guy

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The Piano Solo historical concert that started my piano recordings in 1984: RAIN MUSIC, live piano from the Berkshire Mountains in MA

"August Ocean Overture," jazz piano by Michael Guy

Artist/Band: Michael Guy

jazz piano Debut CD of all originals by jazz composer and pianist, Michael A. Guy - All instrumentals with the flavor of the Tropical Oceans. Includes the popular "Ocean Prelude, Seabreeze in G, theDeepAbyss, Orion Calling, Rebirth of the Cool, JazzDANCEimage, and others. The CD is part SOLO PIANO and part Electric Smooth Jazz quartet or group.
The first 10 tracks are solo piano most recorded live playing to 2 tracks.
The last 4 tracks are his electric and some sequenced group compositions previously titled under the title: JAZZ DANCE IMAGE.

Michael Guy originally debuted in the summer of 1984 in small concerts in Massachusetts and New York City - following that he worked in New York City in music publishing. He spent the 90's in seclusion composing while undergoing treatment for Kidney Dialysis. With a kidney transplant he briefly returned to playing in Florida but finding it more work than the recognition was worth chose instead to concentrate on composing and orchestration. His downloadable music is available as mp3 files on his JzCDz.com Storefront.

He has also composed a symphony, "Symphony on Native American Themes" orchestrated in 1996-99 and digitally recorded by the composer. A digital performance of this on CD will be released here in the near future.
He is author of the Amazon-available Historical Fiction novel: "THE LAST RENAISSANCE MAN"
CD: 14 tracks in 71'16"

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