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Huzzah Worship

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Huzzah Worship

Artist/Band: Fugli

From the personal studio of Fugli comes Huzzah Worship, the worship music collection for the Renaissance faire crowd. Hum and sing along to melodies and songs from the past interspersed with comedic send ups of religious life in Medieval and Renaissance times. If you find humor in the history of the Christian Church, or just wish you could, then this is the collection for you.

Tracks included:
The Inquisition
Jesu Christe
St. Edith
Be Thou My Vision
Crazy Leo's
Pater Noster
The Reformation Polka
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
Llyn Onn
Divine Inspiration
New Britain
Spirit Wind
A Special Blessing

Fugli is a pseudo-medieval musician, scribe and artificer. With layered levels of simple instruments, his sounds are often uniquely archaic. While some of of his music is entirely original, many of his tracks are personal arrangements of renaissance and medieval melodies from antiquity.

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