On the Woad (again)
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On the Woad (again)

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On the Woad (again)

Artist/Band: Fugli

In the classic Fugli tradition, this re-released CD contains a mixed assortment of music stemming from many sources presented in a semi live format comprised mainly of acoustic open mic performance recordings, later multi-tracked, and without digital enhancement.

The sort of music one hears at a modern Medieval Faire is rarely of the actual medieval variety, and neither are these songs. If the songs were truly medieval, many patrons would not suffer listening to them for long as the language alone would prove indecipherable to the common fairgoer. Instead, what you normally hear is a conglomeration of old songs and melodies interspersed with modern songs and variations played on anachronistic instruments. Following in that tradition, these recordings range from extremely traditional to just plain silly. All of them are arranged by Fugli and are performed as they might be heard at a modern Renaissance faire. Authorship of the lyrics ranges from Henry VIII to to William Shakespeare including some of their anonymous contemporaries, with just a little modern playfulness thrown in.

Tracks included:
The Ash Grove
The Mermaid Song
Bungle Rye
Ebrio Quid Faciamus Nautica
Past Times With Good Company
Rickety Tickety Tin
The Mad Merry Pranks of Robin Goodfellow
The Wild Rover
The Lincolnshire Poacher
The Happy Farmer
The Rat-Catcher's Daughter
The Wind and the Rain
A Fairy Story
The Celt Came Back

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Format: CD-R