Shakespeare: All the thrills without the frills
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Shakespeare: All the thrills without the frills

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Shakespeare: All the thrills without the frills

Artist/Band: Fugli

The words of William Shakespeare have influenced generations of actors, artists, and musicians, with each contributing their own input to an ongoing conversation. In this collection, Fugli lends his own ear to this equation with renaissance faire music patterned after the works of the immortal bard, including several songs in the broadside tradition.

The recordings in this collection range from original digital and studio recordings to Renaissance Faire open mic acoustic presentations that have been multi tracked. Each piece is arranged by Fugli, and notated in printed format in the companion music book "Mr. William Shakespears Real Fake Book: All the thrills without the frills" (sold separately).

Tracks include:
It was a Lover and His Lass
Ghost of John
Where the Bee Sucks
While You Here do Snoring Lie
Full Fathom'd Five
Sir Eglamore
The Friar and the Nun
(The Mad Merry Pranks of) Robin Goodfellow
Dance of the Woodland Fae
Scarlet's Alman
Households of the Rising Ire
When Dasies Pied and When Icicles Hang by the Wall
Wind and the Rain

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