Aleister Crowley's The Rite of Luna, a rock opera 2CD Soundtrack
Eleusyve Productions
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Aleister Crowley's The Rite of Luna, a rock opera 2CD Soundtrack

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Aleister Crowley's The Rite of Luna, a rock opera 2CD Soundtrack

Artist/Band: Eleusyve Players, featuring Jon Sewell, Melissa Holm, Daniel Christensen, Amanda Hauk, Eric Cagle

Sleeping Beauty and the Beast

Luna begins where The Rite of Mercury ends, with the Goddess Artemis enshrined in a dream like state within the Chapel of the Holy Grail.
Cancer and Taurus guard the shrine of Luna. They are her servants who worship her, protect her, and endeavor to make very certain that she does not awaken. Before her shrine, they exercise their power over the elemental forces that surround the Chapel of the Holy Grail, causing them to dance and perform for their own amusement.

Enter Pan. In a fitting twist, the Goat God of Greece, whose chief attribute is lust, comes before the veil of Artemis, the virgin of the hunt. Pan is admonished by the guardians of the shrine to honor the Lady, but he makes it very clear from the beginning that his true goal is to penetrate the veil of the Goddess.

Cancer and Taurus decide that the best course of action is to seal the shrine and perform a series of rituals to protect the inner sanctum, to which Pan adds his own "protective" ritual.

As Cancer and Taurus rest before the shrine, Pan recounts to the Nymph and Satyr a harrowing tale of his more ancient and ill-fated attempts to mystically penetrate the veil through the employment of human sacrifice. As his temper swings from mania to melancholy and back again, Pan incessantly tries to muster aid to enter the shrine of the sleeping Goddess, but is driven back time and again, as the guardians of the shrine are aroused.

However, Pan is more ancient, wily and wicked than even the Wardens of the Chapel give him credit for. Can he convince the Satyr to follow his dark design? Will the Lady Artemis respond to his pleas? And what will happen should Pan cross the threshold into the chamber of the sleeping goddess? Will she awake, or dream forever?

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