Produced by Native American Productions in affiliation with College of the Southwest
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Red Earth Festival 2007 DVD, Native Americans - A Tribute


Artist/Band: VanAnn Moore

Viva Santa Fe! is a musical historical drama based upon the history of New Mexico from 1810-1852.The story centers around Dona Maria Gertrudis Barcelo, known as Tules, an actual character from the pages of New Mexico history. Tules, a peon, eventually acquired a gambling house and amassed great wealth. Her source of income to build the gambling establishment was from Governor Manuel Armijo. He was a married man, and the inevitable ensuing tragic love triangle became the gossip of Santa Fe.
During the span of her life, Tules witnessed Nuevo Mexico as a territorial property belonging to Spain, then as a province of Mexico, and, in 1848, the property of the USA. Armijo accepted a bribe from the U. S. forces to leave Santa Fe and return to Mexico in 1848, leaving Tules behind, lonely and broken-hearted. She died in 1852.

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Format: CD-R