"To Marrow Never Knows" (Special Edition) - Volume Three

"To Marrow Never Knows" (Special Edition) - Volume Three

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"To Marrow Never Knows" (Special Edition) - Volume Three

Artist/Band: Cud Chewing Cows

To Marrow Never Knows (Special Edition) - Volume Three

Somewhere on Earth, where Classical Music, Jazz, Blues, Rock and Folk meet in the middle of some universal musical nexus to combine and fuse to create a unique sound, there's a group that has taken shape in the form of Cud Chewing Cows.

Bovine Bob is a classically trained musician with a down-home flair for feel-good-music. When Bob, met Jim Jersey, they decided to make a band which became complete with the arrivals of Harry Hereford, Henry Holstein and Big Bobby Brown-Swiss collectively known as the Cud Chewing Cows.

The music's Jazz and Blues influences, blended with instruments from around the world, creates a Rock-Folk blend which exudes happiness and contentment.

People have come from far and wide to hear their music and be happy by their side. The size and diversity of their fan base continues to grow.

Their music makes one feel, as the title of their first album says, "Udderly Content".

What does their future hold?

As their second album says, "To Marrow Never Knows".

Using Western and Eastern influences, Bob and the boys, breathe music as we mere mortals breathe air.

Cud Chewing Cows are truly 'Music for the Mind'.

Their happy-leadership role seems self-aware in the underground dance hit *single "i MLK", a reference to the "i" in "I have a dream" and MLK, as in, Martin Luther King (*i MLK was released concurrently with "Udderly Content", their first album, in advance of their second album and has been, until now, very hard to find).

"iMLK" and other international sounds represent some of the many new cross-cultural ideas and instruments featured on "To Marrow Never Knows".

"Udderly Content" as a whole makes for great repeat listening, especially when highway driving.

To Marrow Never Knows - Volume Three, picks up where Udderly Content - Volume One and Udderly Content (Special Edition) - Volume One left off with more toe-tapping, worldly, funky and all around happy music and it like it's predecessor makes for great repeat listening, by all ages and all cultures.

This Special Edition contains four extra Bonus Tracks. Instead of nearly 34 minutes (on the original disc), there are nearly 43 minutes on this Special Edition. That's nearly 9 minutes of extra music.

Includes the tracks:

01. Pasture Eyes
02. The Rise and Fall of the Rumen Empire
03. Rolling in Clover
04. You Churn Me On
05. i MLK
06. Haystack High
07. Cownt on Me
08. Cowboy
09. Down Home on the "MM"
10. No Flies Zone
11. Prime Mover
12. Gravy Train
13. Growth Hormone
14. To Marrow Never Knows
15. Pasture Eyes and 2-Tune (Bonus)
16. Top Side (Bonus)
17. Cow Shadow (Bonus)
18. Cowboy Christmas (Bonus)

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