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Choice Cuts

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Choice Cuts

Artist/Band: Cud Chewing Cows

"Choice Cuts"

In such a short period of geological time the Cud Chewing Cows have colonized Earth with their smooth, easy, groovy and happy tunes. Young and old, from all walks of life, from distant countries and neighboring lands, all share the pleasure the Cud Chewing Cows have invoked in others, by virtue of their creative, inspirational music.

"Choice Cuts" is a collection of some of these fun songs. Chosen by members of the group themselves, "this album by no means is a greatest hits album" boasts Bob (laughing with Jim Jersey). "It's just a bunch of fun music that we thought deserved to be played together!"

As "Choice Cuts" reaches into previous releases of their works, it's easy to imagine this is a 'Best Of' or 'Greatest Hits' album. However the ever-expanding repertoire of the Cud Chewing Cows leaves us to take Bob at his word. And we do, because we know they have so many 'other' hits that they could have chosen from to 'play together'.

Nevertheless, the line up is impressive.

From Volume One - "Udderly Content", "Choice Cuts" begins with Cud Chewin' classics "Udderly Content", "Blue Skies", "The Groooove", "Cattle Drive" and "Deep Thoughts of the Contemplative Cow".

"Choice Cuts" continues with some hits from Volume Three - "To Marrow Never Knows" including, "The Rise and Fall of the Rumen Empire", "Rolling in Clover", "Cowboy", "No Flies Zone" and the title track "To Marrow Never Knows".

"Choice Cuts" revisits hits from Volume Four - "Ruminations", including, "Irish Frost", "Africa", "Don't Steer Me Wrong", "Bovine Bar Mitzvah", "Didem", "English", "Smoothe Jam", "African Skies" and "Istan-bull".

As much fun as it is to hear this collection 'played together' (as Bob put it), the never-before-officially-released final song alone, "Satchmoo", a jazzy groove by Bo and the Boys, may in itself make this album worth buying.

Cud Chewing Cows - "Choice Cuts" picks up where Volumes One, Three and Four left off, with a fantastic collection of toe-tapping, worldly, funky, groovy and all around happy music, and it, like it's predecessors, makes for great repeat listening, by all ages and all cultures.

Includes the tracks:

01. Udderly Content
02. Blue Skies
03. The Groooove
04. Cattle Drive
05. Deep Thoughts of the Contemplative Cow
06. The Rise and Fall of the Rumen Empire
07. Rolling in Clover
08. Cowboy
09. No Flies Zone
10. To Marrow Never Knows
11. Irish Frost
12. Africa
13. Don't Steer Me Wrong
14. Bovine Bar Mitzvah
15. Didem
16. English
17. Smoothe Jam
18. African Skies
19. Istan-bull
20. Satchmoo

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