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Il Est Ne

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Il Est Ne

Artist/Band: Fugli

This is a collection of some very old and even older Christmas carols presented in the style of a a semi live Renaissance Faire performance comprised of open mic performance recordings, which has been multi-tracked, but not digitally embellished, enhanced, or significantly changed from the original acoustics.

Fugli's Medieval musical styling includes intentional drones, chanting, ancient tonal harmonies, and the occasional lapse into multiple languages, often played with venerable instruments. Some of the more familiar French Carol melodies are offered without words, while some of the less familiar are offered with vocal accompaniment.

Every year, as Christmas approaches, we hear music written for the season, both old and new. In this age of ever growing popularity of secular carols, Fugli has compiled this brief collection of some older and more reverent - one might even consider them more relevant - songs commemorating the promise, the prophecy, and the birth of the Christ child.

May this collection remind everyone that there once was a time when even secular music acknowledged the presence of God.

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