Restoring the Republic 2008 2 CD Set - Volume 7: Glenn Greenwald and Jonathan Turley

Restoring the Republic 2008 2 CD Set - Volume 7: Glenn Greenwald and Jonathan Turley

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Restoring the Republic 2008 2 CD Set - Volume 7: Glenn Greenwald and Jonathan Turley

Artist/Band: Glenn Greenwald

For the second year in a row, the Future of Freedom Foundation hosted "Restoring the Republic: Foreign Policy and Civil Liberties." These talks from June of 2008 showcase leaders from the libertarian, conservative, and liberal movements concerning civil liberties and foreign policy.

With the ever-growing debacle in Iraq, there was never a better time to come together to share ideas on restoring the limited-government, constitutional republic envisioned by our Founding Fathers. When you review our list of 21 speakers -- libertarians, liberals, and conservatives -- you will see that this one one fantastic intellectual experience that can be now be relived through this 11-volume series of CDs.

Glenn Greenwald:

Glenn Greenwald is a former constitutional lawyer and is currently a Contributing Writer at Salon, where he also writes the political and legal blog, Unclaimed Territory. Greenwald is the author of two New York Times bestselling books - How Would a Patriot Act? (2006), which critiqued the Bush administration's radical theories of executive power, and A Tragic Legacy (2007), which examined the Bush presidency and the Manichean mindset that shaped it. His third book, Great American Hypocrites, analyzes Republican political strategies for winning elections and will be released in April, 2008 by Crown.

Jonathan Turley:

Jonathan Turley is a professor of law at The George Washington University Law School where he holds the Shapiro Chair for Public Interest Law. He frequently appears in the national media as a commentator on a multitude of subjects ranging from the 2000 Presidential Election Controversy to the Terri Schiavo case in 2005.

Some of Turley's most notable non-academic work is his representation of the Area 51 workers at a secret air base in Nevada; the nuclear couriers at Oak Ridge, Tennessee; the Rocky Flats grand jury in Colorado; Dr. Eric Foretich, the husband in the famous Elizabeth Morgan custody controversy. He challenged Black Bag Operations authorized under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) in espionage cases against former CIA officer Harold Nicholson; and four former United States Attorneys General during the Clinton impeachment litigation. He has also represented defendants in terrorism cases including Dr. Ali Al-Timimi (the alleged head of the Virginia Jihad/Paintball conspiracy) and Dr. Sami Al-Arian (alleged to be a Hamas leader). The conceptual thread running through many of the cases taken on by Turley is that they involve claims of Executive Privilege and national security exceptions to fundamental constitutional rights.

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