Ancestral Echo/Wunderzeit!
Produced by Writ on Water
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Ancestral Echo/Wunderzeit!

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Ancestral Echo/Wunderzeit!

Artist/Band: Writ on Water

Writ on Water's 2008 double-EP release, following the full-length 'A Wingless King' earlier in the year, 'Ancestral Echo' features 5 new songs while 'Wunderzeit!'! contains 4 new songs, 2 remixes of tracks from 'A Wingless King' prepared by Travelogue's Jon Sonnenberg and one previously unreleased acoustic demo.

Ancestral Echo EP

This kingdom of tin
Fragment 55
Uncasting spells

Wunderzeit! EP

Wondertime (Travelogue remix)
Should have known what to expect
Everything's too close
Santa Cruz
Wondertime (original acoustic demo)
Angie swirls in pastel summer (Travelogue remix)

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Format: CD-R