On the Threshold
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On the Threshold

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On the Threshold

Artist/Band: Joseph Bennette

Looking for some help achieving that "Next Step" in your life? On the Threshold audio CD presents the latest series of special audio hypnosis imagery exercises by Joseph Bennette. The hypnotic effect of these imageries will hold you spell-bound as you relax into positive change.

Imagery exercises are different than simple hypnosis or relaxation visualizations. Metaphors speak to the deepest parts of your consciousness to affect change, encourage happiness, and improve attitude and overall well-being.

These are not simply affirmations or subliminal audio - they are specially designed whole-brain exercises for engaging the most powerfully creative energies you possess to help you achieve your heart's desires.

Track list:
1. The Bag
2. Spiritual Palace
3. Golden Mirror
4. Dream

01 - The Bag
Sometimes we forget who we really are. Perhaps you've come to believe that you are your job or your position in life. Stress comes as a result of the difference between who you are and who you think you are. Lessen that stress by embracing who you really are - which this imagery exercise will help you discover. There absolutely NO suggestions in this imagery of any kind - just complete release of everything that might cause you to feel confused about your identity (whatever that is for you).
02 - Spiritual Palace
In this imagery exercise you'll explore illusion and reality in a new way. Who are you when you emerge from the illusions you've created for yourself? What would you do with the "light at the end of the tunnel"? If you shared that light with your loved ones, would they feel it or be healed by it? Find out for yourself.
03 - Golden Mirror
How do you see yourself? Beautiful, worthy, powerful? Or do you see yourself as overweight, clumsy, poor, dissatisfied with life? Want to change your self-image? This imagery exercise will help you do just that.
04 - Dream
This special imagery exercise is intended to initiate the lucid dream state when you sleep at night and eventually, through practice with the imagery, during waking hours, too. Learn how to distinguish between sleeping and waking dream states and how to use them both to your advantage.

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