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Emerging Evolution

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Emerging Evolution

Artist/Band: Joseph Bennette

Especially for Women
Emerging Evolution audio CD presents audio hypnosis imagery exercises designed especially for women. The "Birthing" imagery prepares mother-to-be and baby for that special day. "Time Out" was specifically designed to give mom that quick break she so often wants but so seldom gets. "Reorganizing" helps you manage your body the way you want - including keeping your figure after pregnancy - or any time thereafter. Other exercises support and nurture women in their busy and complicated lives.

Track list:
1. Cleansing Light
2. Birthing
3. Time Out
4. Reorganizing

01 - Cleansing Light Imagery Exercise
This imagery exercise is the same imagery exercise as "Whirling Light" (track 4 of Inner Revisions CD). In Cleansing Light, you will experience special audio effects and voice imagery intended to "clean house" - as though you could take a big brush and scrub out your insides of all illnesses, psychological scarring, unwanted physical, emotional, and mental detritus, and any and all other unwanted, unnecessary, and no longer useful "junk". You'll then get the opportunity to utilize the energy of all that "junk" to feed your body and the planet.
02 - Birthing
The "Birthing" imagery prepares mother-to-be and baby for that special day. Softness, gentleness, and preparation are the focus - with special audio effects to assist you in conversing with your body on its level. Preparation also means preparing the future life that is growing within - setting out a path of peace and harmony far into the future - breaking up old family traditions - accepting the best DNA has to offer while rejecting or modifying aspects that propagate hurt into future generations.
03 - Time Out
Life can get busy - and stressful. Sometimes we just need a moment to gather ourselves, catch our breath, take stock, meditate. This imagery exercise is intended to provide a quick boost of energy through quick meditation. There are no special audio effects with this imagery - just a technique for rapid relaxation. Use it to train yourself to instantly relax - even in a stressful situation. You'll soon find that instant relaxation can help you take charge of stressful situations - especially when you want to access the full power of your mind.
04 - Reorganizing
Trying to regain that girlish figure after giving birth? Maybe just trying to lose a few pounds so you can once again fit into that swimsuit? Enroll your body into helping you with this imagery exercise. Reorganizing speaks to your body using the metaphor of a factory that needs some reorganizing. You as the factory owner call together all the "department heads" in order to place the reorganization into effect. You'll be able to give thanks to all aspects of your body - even the fat. Then reassure your body that everyone, even the fat, will be taken care of (you'd feel pretty insecure if your job were suddenly on the line, right?). Then everyone will get new jobs - jobs they can all be proud of and embrace fully.

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