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Inner Revisions

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Inner Revisions

Artist/Band: Joseph Bennette

Want to charge or recharge your batteries?

Special audio hypnosis imagery exercises by Joseph Bennette will hold you spell-bound as you relax into positive change.

"I can't believe that I didn't listen to it the minute that I got it. What I was missing! There I was, going through my audio collection, and there's this track called 'Whirling Light'. I fire it up, over speakers mind you, and there's Joseph's voice telling you to relax. All well and good. Nice tonality, reminiscent of sleep. Then a faint high pitched tone starts and the 'whirling' effect begins. My hands stop in mid-type, my eyes glaze over and I find myself following a whirling tornado of energy as it scoops and cleanses my brain of... wow. I just hang with it for a while, enjoying the trance.... Guys, if it is still available, you MUST get this CD. Make it today's mission. Just get this CD! The longer you wait, the longer you will be denying yourself a really pleasurable, trance experience. Some very nice energy/breathwork that I've never tried before, and just... I'm getting this tingling sensation just thinking about it! You just have to get it now!"
Elroy Carter - Co-moderator, Mindlist

Imagine what you might experience as you listen to these powerful hypnotic imagery exercises that use cutting edge audio technologies with the soothing voice of Joseph Bennette. Imagery exercises are different than simple hypnosis or relaxation visualizations. Metaphors speak to the deepest parts of your consciousness to affect change, encourage happiness, and improve attitude and overall well-being.

These are not simply affirmations or subliminal audio - they are specially designed whole-brain exercises for engaging the most powerfully creative energies you possess to help you achieve your heart's desires.

Track list:
1. Introduction
2. The Center of Creation
3. The Cast Party
4. Whirling Light

01, 02 - Center of Creation (and Introduction)
The power of this exercise is in the way it moves the mind through a progression to the center of the brain (using the homunculus in the Central Sulcus of the brain) - setting the mind and brain together on your intention in the part of the brain that does manifestation. This is very complex physiologically, yet very easy to achieve by simple attention and focus. This has got to be the most powerful imagery exercise I've ever seen for manifesting what you want.
For 4 - 6 hours after experiencing the Center of Creation imagery exercise, your mind and brain will be in a very powerful creative state. Ideas, concepts, concerns, and speech you entertain while in this state of mind are very likely to come to pass in a very short time frame. Be very mindful of your thoughts during this period.
03 - Cast Party
Having trouble forgiving others? Maybe you've experienced some abuse in your life. This exercise moves you into another dimension of thought and mind into a realm where forgiveness is easy because you realized that those you have ought against are not who they appear. You can rewrite your life script and experience it as a new life line. Gratitude replaces blame quickly and easily with this imagery exercise.
04 - Whirling Light Exercise
Experience a sensation of a whirling cyclone of energy sweeping through your body from head to toe, cleansing your whole body and soul from the inside. The special audio effects give you the sensation of movement inside that promotes powerful physiological and psychological cleansing. (Important Note: This is the same imagery as Cleasing Light, track 01 of Emerging Evolution CD.)

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