Vampyric Suite
Produced by Eric Kauschen
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Vampyric Suite

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Vampyric Suite

Artist/Band: Eric Kauschen

The Vampyric Suite was conceived of as a gift to a close friend. She exhibits the qualities of the vampyre immensely and in creating the composition I started thinking of others I know who exhibits these qualities. Each of the four pieces reflects the idea of Vampyric Essence from my conception of the people I knew who exhibit this. Hopefully when they hear this they will see themselves in the music and reflect upon why I see these things in them. The Vampyric Suite in and of itself is not very long so I decided to add some other pieces to the CD. Munsalvache is a musical representation of the solemn, quiet pagentry of the grail procession from King Arthur. The other selections, Mars, Bringer of War, and Night on Bald Mountain by Gustav Holst and Modeste Moussoursky I included because these were two individuals who gave me a reason to do what I do. In many ways, this entire album is orchestral thank you to those who helped me discover who I really am.

Title #1741792
Format: CD-R