Yuggothic Choir
Produced by Eric Kauschen
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Yuggothic Choir

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Yuggothic Choir

Artist/Band: Eric Kauschen

H. P. Lovecraft has always been an writer who's work I was both attracted to and confounded by. There have been many of his offspring who who have written works based upon what he had written. I have never considered myself much of a writer, but being a musician I decided to compose an homage to him through music. This music though is not exactly what many would expect. The only instrument in the Yuggothic Choir is my voice. Lovecraft has a gift for painting a picture of the horrid creatures of Ry'leh without really describing them. He left that up to our own imaginations. What you will hear in the Yuggothic Choir is my interpretations of what these beings might have sounded like given the small amounts of input from Lovecraft himself.

The original release of this had only two pieces, the Yuggothic Choir and the Runic Invocation. I found amongst my music a piece I had written called, "Dreams of Ry'leh." This was a composition that came about from a dream after reading "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" on a flight to Massachusetts. It is a piece of electronica which is rather ambient and atonal that sets a mood for you. I played this piece for friends or mine at a gather at Land's End in San Francisco with the waves crashing about late at night as we tossed sea salt and bread into the waves and partook of it ourselves. In a sense, we held a communion with Cthulu. It was a very strange and powerful experience for those involved that has not been forgotten to this day. Not long after the stairs down to the place were this even occurred was blocked off by San Francisco government as a rather inhospitable place to be and the general public should be kept away from this horrid place.

The Runic Invocation was added in beccause originally the work was too short to release as a CD with just the Yuggothic Choir. This was a piece for those who looked to the North for inspiration. It is my interpretation of the recitation of the eldar futhark during the elhaz rite to create a sacred space. For those with leanings toward the ancient Norse traditions you will feel the power of this piece and hopefully this like the other two pieces on this CD will change you.

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