True Sounds of Ry'leh
Produced by Eric Kauschen
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True Sounds of Ry'leh

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True Sounds of Ry'leh

Artist/Band: Eric Kauschen

This is a single piece of experimental music that was conceived as an off shoot of the Yuggothic Choir. This is meant to be listened to in a darkened room by those who feel a need to explore the ancient darkness within themselves. If you are one who believes in ritual work then use this piece during a ritual. If you want to tap into the horrors that H. P. Lovecraft created then listen to this. This piece will bring about change of odd and strange natures to you, but be warned. You have been told what may happen to you for listenening to this so if you are to take it upon yourself you will only have yourself to blame if any harm comes to you. I do not wish for harm, only change.

Title #1741808
Format: CD-R