A Salty Tale
featuring members of Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance, Wings a.o.
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A Salty Tale

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A Salty Tale

Artist/Band: Drew McCulloch

Produced by Bruce Lynch
Arrangements by Richard Niles
Engineered by Graeme Myres
Recorded 1977 at Good Earth Studios, London
Mastered 2008 at Mayfield Studios, Twechar, Scotland
Sleeve design by Stefan Wesley.

Drew McCulloch - vocals, keyboards, guitar and backing vocals
Dave Mattacks - drums
Bruce Lynch - bass
Laurence Juber - guitar
Ricky Hitchcock - guitar
Kenny Slaven - fiddle, mandolin
B.J.Cole - pedal steel guitar
Ray Warley - flute
Tessa Niles - backing vocals
Chris Thompson - backing vocals
Orchestra led by Gavyn Wright

Title #1742023
Format: CD-R