Electromagma I - Guitar Concertos I and II
Produced By Kerry Engle for Archengle Productions
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Electromagma I - Guitar Concertos I and II

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Electromagma I - Guitar Concertos I and II

Artist/Band: Kerry Engle

Electromagma is an adventure guitar and orchestra. This is the first volume consisting of 2 concertos for guitar and orchestra.

Concerto I "Concerto of the Archangels"

Movement I "Michael, Guardian of Heaven and Earth" depicts the creation of the angels and the ensuing battle between the good angels lead by The Archangel,Michael and the evil angels lead by Lucifer, who decided to abandon God, as a result of pride. we finally hear the demon angels cast down from heaven and harmony restored.

Movement II "Gabriel, Herald and Ambassador" depicts The Archangel Gabriel traveling through time and space announcing significant events in Earth's history.

Movement III "Raphael, The Healer" depicts the travels of The Archangel Raphael traveling with a young man,Tobias. During their journey we hear Tobias attacked by a fish, an exorcism, the healing of Tobias' blind father, and the wedding celebration of Tobias and Sarah.

Concerto II "Distant Journey"

Movement I "Fasching in Den Bergen" (Carnival in the Mountains)
We hear a carnival and celebration in the Alpine Mountains of Austria.

Movement II "Pae'aina" (Islands)
A musical tour through the ancient Hawaiian Islands before the landing of Captain Cook. At the end is heard a melody based upon a traditional Hawaiian song.

Movement II "The Magi" (Persian Priest and Astronomers" )
We take a musical tour through the mystical world of the magi. This work contains quarter tones as it is based upon Persian musical scales. It is not out of tune. The guitarist is asked to bend the strings of the guitar to produce the semi tones. This is incorporated into the composition so the performer does not have to try to quickly grab them in the middle of the piece. Quarter tones are also heard in the violins.

Photography by Shirley D. Cross-Taylor

Title #1742759
Format: CD-R