Woodstock Quantum Ensemble with Phoebe Legere

Woodstock Quantum Ensemble with Phoebe Legere

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Woodstock Quantum Ensemble with Phoebe Legere

Artist/Band: Woodstock Quantum Ensemble

Woodstock Quantum Ensemble live in concert at New Vanguard, Kingston, NY.

Johnny Asia, guitars
Phoebe Legere, piano, accordion and vocals
Joakim Lartey, percussion.

"Johnny Asia is a supernova of a player, spinning cosmic melodies at the speed of light."
- Chronogram, Mid-Hudson Magazine of Events & Ideas - "Nightlife Highlights"

"....strums that sent up an effervescence of notes...the mans' fusion of classic-flamenco-cosmological remains eternally memorable.....the music is a beatific mind-blow....." - Kitty Montgomery, Kingston Daily Freeman

"If you want to know what the future of music sounds like..listen to Johnny Asia, then you'll know!"
- Jazz Guitarist Dom Minasi

"Phoebe Legere is one of the most, inspired and talented creative-supernovas on the planet...One of those rare luminous souls... beautiful, wickedly funny, anointed with wisdom, and her music possesses Native American mystical and healing qualities. like Billie Holiday or Jimi Hendrix or Miles Davis or Sun Ra..." - Dimitri Monroe, Hits Magazine

"A charismatic showman who works the audience with the razor edged skill of a veteran comic poking, teasing, and caressing it with clever turns of phrase both musical and verbal...She plays the piano with enormous authority in a style that encompasses Chopin, blues, ragtime, bebop and beyond, and she brings to her vocal delivery a four and a half octave range, and an extraordinary palette of tonal color and meticulous phrasing. "- New York Times

Joakim Lartey, whose collaborations with Futu Futu, Jack DeJohnette and Natalie Merchant are well known to Hudson Valley listeners. Joakim plays an assortment of drums, shakers, and noisemakers from different continents. Joakim Lartey was born in Ghana, where he experienced, as a child, the traditions of drumming and storystelling, and their inclusion in the culture of daily life. He learned drumming under the tutelage of elders in his community and later from people from other tribes.

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