MeditationEasy with Yolanda Pettinato

MeditationEasy with Yolanda Pettinato

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You can also purchase Yolanda's 'Yoga 2 Easy' and 'YogaEasy' DVDs, both are 30mins of 'do-able' and uplifting Yoga practice classes.

MeditationEasy with Yolanda Pettinato

Artist/Band: Yolanda Pettinato

From the author of the acclaimed international best selling 'Simply Yoga' dvd. Allow Yolanda's gentle and hypnotic voice to guide you to your 'well within'.
Sit in your favorite Meditation position and just 'let go'. You can also just lie down, put your feet up and allow the words to take you into a deep relaxation. This CD is perfect if you suffer from Insomnia... let these gentle calming words caress you to sleep at night.

* reduce underlying feelings of depression
* handle life's challenges with more ease
* better relationship with yourself and others
* improve your patience and tolerance
* find inner peace
* wellness

Some comments from those who are already using this CD...

"I just want to thank you for your wonderful Meditation Cd... and I especially find the lovely windchimes to keep me connected. I've been using the Cd every day and find that the pace and your words are perfect. Meditating to it is now one of the highlights of my day." Dr. J. Stirling

"The Relaxation/Meditation cd is just that - wonderfully relaxing, in fact I often fall asleep to it! Yolanda's voice is very soothing & un-intrusive. She says just the right amount of words, at the right time to stop my thoughts drifting off. The wind chimes in the background are a perfect compliment to Yolanda's words, making the overall experience a relaxing and rejuvenating one. I often wish it could go on longer!" B. Friedlos

"Our everyday lives are often described as like being on a Roller-coaster - lots of Highs and Lows.
For this reason, I look forward to listening to Yolanda's - CD at the end of each day.
Her Meditation practice allows me to relax and 'let go of' the days events. Listening to Yolanda's CD is a beautiful habit I reward myself with every day.: B. Wheatley

"Your Meditation CD is an excellent tool (jewel) and very powerful. Thankyou for sharing yourself and your knowledge." K. Jolly (counselor)

"Your meditation CD is wonderful... so simple and natural. It brings me to such a peaceful state with the light sounds of chimes and your wonderful Australian accent! You have such a kind aura about you and it comes through your voice... Thank you". B. Prentiss

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