Brothers from Another Planet
Produced by Quahadi Music and Crop Circle Productions
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Brothers from Another Planet

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Brothers from Another Planet

Artist/Band: Various Artists

"Brothers from Another Planet" is a mind expansive musical journey that chronicles the creative concepts, poetical insights & living experiences of creative artists Golden Sun and Saladin Allah; two of the founding members of 'The 7 Sublime Lords' and the Interstellar Arkustra 'The Laylines'.

Recorded on the cusp of the new millennium and re-released in 2009, "Brothers from Another Planet" weaves tales of rich Atlantean folklore, takes you on visual tour of historical places and submerges you into various realms of consciousness that are both entertaining and enlightening! The deeply imaginative and lyrical dexterity of Golden Sun combines with the sharp precision and lyrical wit of Saladin to make "Brothers from Another Planet" a vintage album that is completely outta this world!!

S. Quanaah [Saladin Allah] is a writer/author, youth advocate, creative artist and public speaker residing from Niagara Falls, NY [Atlantis]. He is a father of two teenage daughters [Asiyah and Aziza] a Therapeutic/Recreation major who attended Central State University in Wilberforce Ohio, a Region 6 Representative of the Five Percenters [The Nation of Gods and Earths ] in WNY/Southern Ontario and founder of A.S.I.A. [].

One of the most recognizable faces of the Five Percent Nation, in 2014 Saladin was globally cited as a subject matter expert regarding controversy surrounding Jay Z wearing a Five Percenter medallion at a Brooklyn Nets game alongside his wife Beyonce. Google: "Jay Z's jewellery 'refers to family'" and "Jay Z and Saladin Allah." In addition, Saladin worked as a program consultant for the History Channel show "Gangland", he has written over two hundred social commentary articles for various national/international publications, self-published 12 books and he produced/recorded 3 full length albums through his company Quanaah Publishing []. You can also check out and subscribe to his popular Youtube channel A.S.I.A. TV. at: and his Atlantis Build Talk Radio show at:

In addition to writing, he presently facilitates the STYA youth program, organizes community events and travels as a public speaker.

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