Miracle Child
Produced By Kerry Engle for Archengle Productions
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Miracle Child

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Miracle Child

Artist/Band: Kerry Engle

About the CD:

Miracle Child is a CD in honor of Dean Alexander. He was born 9 weeks pre-mature and had a very rough start to his life.

There are three types of compositions on this CD. There are soundscapes, instrument personifications and fun or dance tunes. They are geared toward children, (of all ages). This is not Old McDonald remade. All compositions are fresh new and exciting. They are guaranteed to excite and satisfy children of all ages. They have been tested and have the Dean (Miracle Child) stamp of approval.

The music is a blend of acoustical and synthesized sounds. Many of the instrument combinations are unique as to provide a fresh sound. We hear everything from pan flutes, taiko drums, coco bean rattles, cimbalom, and alp horns to balalaikas, as well as traditional orchestral, and common band instruments. All of these are layered in between synthesizers in various places.
Of course the very handsome and very charismatic child on the cover is Dean, "The Miracle Child"
If you are looking for stale versions of Old McDonald or Twinkle Twinkle you have come to the wrong place.
If you are looking for fresh new ideas that you and your child will love YOU HAVE COME TO THE Right PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Title #1766978
Format: CD-R