Meditation Healing and Heart Space

Meditation Healing and Heart Space

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Meditation Healing and Heart Space

Artist/Band: Sarah Starr

Would you like to be more at ease with yourself? Do you sometimes feel that you are your harshest critic? Would you like to integrate more positive energy into your life?
As you use this audio on a consistent basis you may begin to think more positively and create exciting changes in your life!

"Meditation Healing and Heart Space" is a wonderful way to meditate and promote inner harmony, clarity, well-being and vitality. In "Meditation Healing and Heart Space," inspiring yoga and meditation teacher Sarah Starr, guides you through a step-by-step practice of mindfulness and shows you how to inwardly focus your mind to release patterns of tension and anxiety that block your vital force.

The importance of the breath is familiar to anyone who practices yoga, as is its significance in the pursuit of a deeper, more meditative state. The title of this CD program describes the content beautifully and consists of five sections.

"Total Body Connection" is devoted to a guided body relaxation and powerful affirmations to release limiting blocks in the body. Starr guides you through a relaxing meditation to loving and approving of yourself. " As you relax, your understanding is clear, you are open and willing to change with the times."This meditation is perfect for you if you're looking for more ways to empower yourself and feel good in this moment.

"Heart Space Meditation" focuses entirely on breathing into the body, expanding the energy beyond and outward into the world, allowing you to feel the oneness of all of life."Go to your heart center, feel that space open as you bring your awareness to the beating of your heart. Feel the energy pulsating with joy."

Lotus Bloom Meditation allows you to open up every area of your heart and soul. Breath by breath we connect to the playful, the wise, the courageous and creative areas of your true nature, allowing the lotus to bloom to your magnificence. " Breathe and allow the lotus to open to your truth, go to the part of you that looks at life with objectivity and clarity, the part of you that knows you don't have to take it all personally. The wise heart, brings us peace."

Also included are two guided introductions to meditation, focusing on breath, posture and the benefits of meditation.

Sarah Starr, co-creator and host of Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr, hosts workshops, teaching at centers, businesses, schools, hospitals and studios. Starr host "Living in the Now" workshops, where she teaches to allow yourself to bring joy and acceptance to all that you do, as you immerse yourself in the moment.

Sarah hosts "Put the Joy Back into Your Life" workshops that help you to awaken the amazing creator that you are. This innovative process combines conversation, meditation and journaling to release negative habits and beliefs and discover the secret of creating.

Sarah Starr also features classes called "Breathing Peace. "It is a way of working with our breath that can help us return to who and what we really are...true presence." This workshop focuses on learning to breath in a natural healthy way that can help with various medical conditions including: insomnia, low energy, high blood pressure and so on. Breathing properly will also increase our longevity and support our quest for well-being, self-realization and self transformation.

Approx run time: 32 min

For more information on upcoming workshops, events and "Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr," visit Sarah's website

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