Renaissance of Grace

Renaissance of Grace

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Renaissance of Grace

Artist/Band: Aurora

Aurora's solo debut - Gypsy World Music

The exotic vocals of Aurora with Bruce BecVar weave a mystical blend that is both uplifting and inspiring, transporting us into a brilliant world of transcendence and light.

Talented musicians grace this gypsy world music album including renowned multi-instrumentalist, Bruce BecVar; Percussionist Rafael Padilla; Peruvian Shaman, Tito La Rosa on Andean Pan Pipes; Gypsy Violinist - Don Lax; and Brian BecVar on Synthesizer.

Aurora Juliana Ariel is one of those rare artists whose clear voice and beautiful music transmit to more than just the ear, but reaches into the listener's heart with hidden healing messages. Coupled with the extraordinary talent of musician/composer Bruce BecVar, Aurora's offering awakens our inner peace and invites our own calm center to bubble up to the surface. Aurora's mystical language is at once both exotic and familiar, adventurous and comforting. Renaissance of Grace, as one of the song titles indicates, is truly a Journey Of The Heart: one pleasurable piece of music after another that you will never want to end. The work as a whole lives up to its name.-Pamela Polland, Award Winning Recording Artist, Vocal Coach

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