A Live Presentation of Love, Limits & Lessons<sup>®</sup>

A Live Presentation of Love, Limits & Lessons<sup>®</sup>

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A Live Presentation of Love, Limits & Lessons®

Artist/Band: Bill Corbett

Parents today need a different approach to discipline. Our children are more sensitive, less patient, and constantly wearing us down. The world is different today, requiring parents and professionals to master a unique care-giving style to keep them one step ahead. The methodology of the Bill's Love, Limits, & LessonsR programs offer solid common sense solutions for raising capable and cooperative kids in today's fast-paced world.

Get ready to learn, laugh, and have some fun seeing your child's behavior from a different perspective. Bill Corbett's popular live workshops and classes help parents and professionals examine what they currently have in their "Discipline Toolboxes" and evaluate the fact that many of these tools are outdated or no longer work. Using lecture, humor, & video, he works closely with parents and professionals in helping them rebuild their toolbox to make room for more effective tools and methods that truly work with today's challenging child.

Sit back and relax and enjoy a presentation of Bill Corbett's high energy and humorous presentation to a live audience of his Love, Limits, & Lessons seminar. Get ready to be entertained and educated on rebuilding the caregiver's disicpline toolbox needed for today's challenging child.

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