HealingMindN ThunderStorm: Sleep Induction
Produced by HealingMindN
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HealingMindN ThunderStorm: Sleep Induction

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Control Your Reality by Increasing Your Psychic Awareness

HealingMindN ThunderStorm: Sleep Induction

Artist/Band: HealingMindN

HealingMindN ThunderStorm: Sleep Induction was designed to help you glide into a peaceful slumber using nature's power of thunderstorm combined with golden ratio brainwave entrainment; this includes entrainment into deep delta rhythms for a deep sleep.

Do you remember the first time you heard a thunderstorm as a child? It was probably frightening at first, but as time went by, you became used to the wind and rain and thunder, even when it shook the house. You came to welcome the thunderstorm.

You came to welcome the power within the thunderstorm because you knew that it was simply passing. You knew it would last for only a short while, but in that time, you allow it to take away your fears and give you an inner peace.

The storm has many messages and intuitive dreams for you, yet it makes you feel cleansed in the same way it cleansed the landscape. As the storm comes with more power and intensity, the deeper your sleep becomes and the clearer your dreams become. As the air is refreshed by the cleansing storm, so are you.

As the storm passes, you awake refreshed and renewed, night after night.

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