Off The Radar

Off The Radar

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Off The Radar

Artist/Band: The Aquamarines

Seventy (70) minutes and Seventeen (17) song tracks of music!

A spectacular musical experience, drawing inspiration from legendary 20th century composers/ artists of the 1930s to the 1980s ... spanning such genres as Rock, Lounge, Exotica, Jazz, Pop, Surf, Big Band, Swing, Country, Spaghetti Western, Classical, Film Scores, Psychedelia, Middle Eastern, Latin, Hawaiian, and Japanese.

The 'marines enlisted a few great veteran musical conscripts from around the globe (sometimes begging, crying & screaming) to fulfill their noble mission for you... Enjoy the flight.

Ann Oyama (Roulette); Nithya Bayya & (Ace) Russell Volckmann (Bongafesti); Vanessa Conteney-Quinones & Enrico Cadillac (Fab Life); Lua Hadar, Marion Benoist, Caroluna Michelson (Te Aa Aerois); Farhan Mohamed & Vidya Venkat (Du'baara).

Additional Musicians...
Drums: Dusty Watson (all songs);
Trumpet: Guy Celestre (Fab Life);
Flute: Howard Cespedes (Fab Life).
Horns, Strings, Percussion, Misc Vocals:
Georgio Martini Aquatic Lounge Orchestra


1. Fair Game
2. Roulette
3. Te Aa (Aerois)
4. Aoino/ Midorino
5. Montunafish
6. Green Room
7. Fab Life
8. Spy Trap
9. Malibu '62-'67
10. Inside Neptune
11. Squid Chilli
12. Stormtail
13. Du'baara
14. Gemstar
15. Bongafesti
16. A Surfer's Life
17. An Ordeal Involving Five Strangers


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