Never in a Million Years
A WORKSMITH Digital Production
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Never in a Million Years

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Never in a Million Years

Artist/Band: The Sleep

"Never in a Million Years" is the critically acclaimed debut album by alternative electronic band, The Sleep.

Listed as one of the best albums of 2009 by CityBeat Magazine.

Nominated for 2009 Cincinnati Entertainment Award, Electronic/Experimental

"Sounds like an alternative to some stagnating styles like pop and gothic."

"The sound of the album is very 4AD, with ambient, airy soundscapes, a dash of psychedelica, excellent, diverse guitar work and Laura's breathy, ethereal vocals. If you dug the recent M83 album Saturdays = Youth or were a fan of Dead Can Dance and Cocteau Twins, you'll find The Sleep's dreamy sound incredibly mesmerizing."
- CityBeat Magazine

The Sleep is an alternative electronic band based in the American Midwest and consists of Laura Smith on vocals, Dave Eberhardt on guitars, and Neil Smith on keyboards and electronics. "Never in a Million Years" is produced independently through WORKSMITH, an analog and digital media project developed by Neil and Laura.

Additional musicians on the album are Tony Miracle and Will Crewdson. Tony is a member of the electronic band Venus Hum and records solo projects under the name Satellite City. Will has worked with such diverse acts as Rachel Stamp, Johnette Napolitano and Dragons.

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