Storybook Advent Carols Collection Volume Two
Produced by Couples Company, Inc
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Storybook Advent Carols Collection Volume Two

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Storybook Advent Carols Collection Volume Two

Artist/Band: Michael Brech

Volume Two Volume One includes classic Carols played in the American Tradition. Volume Two includes carols played in the British or European tradition. There is a significant difference between several of the carols in how they are played on either side of the pond. Currently the collection does not include songs published in the last 75 years.
Recorded in Devon England during the fall of 2008 (Volume One) and 2009 (Volume Two), the Storybook Advent Carols Collections are performed as piano solos by veteran British musician, composer and songwriter Michael Brech. Brech's arrangement and performance captures the essence of each carol - whether it be joy or sadness, contemplation or open hallelujah. The arrangements are inventive and witty, from the trotting horse in Jingle Bells, the fife and drum of Patapan, the tears of the Coventry Carol to the mayhem of gifts in the Twelve Days of Christmas. His warm, inimitable style is a blend of classical, baroque and soft jazz, not easy to imagine but, once heard, never forgotten.

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