Haunting Wind, Healing Rain
Produced by HealingMindN
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Haunting Wind, Healing Rain

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ThunderStorm: Power Nap for Healing and Athletic Recovery

Haunting Wind, Healing Rain

Artist/Band: HealingMindN

Thank you for choosing Haunting Wind, Healing Rain. This recording uses sub-delta rhythms calculated upon the golden ratio. Sub-Delta affects the limbic system, which itself acts at delta frequencies. This rhythm is commonly used to help with chronic pain, headaches, fibromyalgia and hypertension. Sub-Delta rhythms also help entrain a deep, meditative trance.

Gentle rain and wind brushing through trees are modulated upon relaxing subdelta rhythms. A haunting wind looms throughout the natural setting. Together, they intertwine to form a stress relieving background within a rhythmic, ambient environment. A single birdsong within a melodic sea of pink noise forms the linear concept of your focus as your pain melts away.

Your audio system should have the best stereo separation possible for maximum effectiveness. Speakers for both channels should be aimed at you from adjacent corners of the room for the most intense experience. High end acoustic wave systems that faithfully reproduce spatial orientations are best for inducing resonant ambience. If you only have a boom box or mini stereo system, then you should place it directly behind you as you are laying down or in a meditative position.

Use Haunting Wind, Healing Rain for working, relaxing, or to aid you into a peaceful sleep, but please do not operate dangerous equipment while listening to this recording. You may want to drink a glass of water before each session. Entrainment increases blood flow and metabolism, which can make you thirsty mid-session.

The sound engineering process in Haunting Wind, Healing Rain induces relaxation by entraining your limbic system. Your limbic system controls your most primitive responses to stimulation including pain. Nature provides many sources of white and pink noise for controlling your limbic system like rain drops and ocean waves. Haunting Wind, Healing Rain also utilizes golden ratio functions found in nature.

The advanced neuroscience technology within Haunting Wind, Healing Rain employs Pitch Modulation Panning. This is a new feature which subtly changes the sound to produce Binaural Beats. To do this, it modulates the pitch of the left and right side so that when the two sides are combined in the brain, they form the beat we call a Binaural Beat. This unique feature allows you to experience actual Binaural Beats.

Isochronic Tones & Tone-Based Pulses

Consistent, rhythmic stimuli entrains and stimulates brainwaves. Haunting Wind, Healing Rain promotes relaxed mental states using square wave pulses or isochronal tones, evenly spaced tone-based pulses which turn on and off at a specified rate per second. In this case, the pulses turn on and off at sub-delta frequencies. This entrainment method produces extremely strong responses in the limbic system, which leads to very profound and effective pain relief.

P.S. This is an excellent sound scape for Halloween Parties, especially if you have a ghostly graveyard theme or haunted house.


Do Not operate heavy machinery or dangerous equipment while listening to this recording.

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