Gulan - Crystal Monk. Ambient & Meditation music.

Gulan - Crystal Monk. Ambient & Meditation music.

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Gulan - Crystal Monk. Ambient & Meditation music.

Artist/Band: Gulan

Gulan is the pseudonym of a Latvian composer who was born in 1974. He showed interest in music and exhibited musical talents since early childhood. His first contact with instrumental music was through a piano in a music college. He also took training in the keyboard and synthesizer from a private tutor. He dabbled in music by using electronic synthesizers and showed his raw talent. Gradually, he became a pro in electronically generate music.

Gulan is a stalwart of space music. He also has a band and music studio on Latvia under his name. Listeners get into a sort of trance when they hear his hypnotic and emotive music. The sounds and the music create a cosmic effect and the unusual constructions lend his music originality. According to Gulan, his music helps relax the mind and plunge into the depths of consciousness.

Meditation practitioners will love "Crystal Monk" by Gulan and the wonderful sounds of his compositions. It is a beautiful amalgamation of patterns, atmospherics, and meditation. The rendition of 71 minutes of ambient music and floating tracks is a food for spiritual souls. Each of the seven tracks is distinct from each other but each unique number promises relaxation for the soul. The eighth album of the musician cannot be compared with any of his earlier works as all have richness of their own. This album is original and mysterious in its own way. Gulan's research and patience and the hours that he spends meditating are reflected in his works. Watch out for "Crystal Monk" by Gulan, which is full of cosmic associations and spiritual connotations.

"Crystal monk" is an album filled with 71 minutes of very interesting ambient music with nice relaxing and floating tracks. The album consists of seven tracks. Each is a distinct stage that leads the mind into the meditative state and keeps it there. This is Gulan's eighth album which dissimilar to all previous album of this musician. The compositions of "Crystal Monk" are full of nice sounds. Interesting combinations of synthetic sounds and effects, beautiful constructions of atmospheric pads, give this release its originality, depth and mysteriousness.

The seven tracks are:
"Reincarnation", "Crystal Monk", "Back Inside", "Ambielody", "Altai 3", "Electronic Symphony 3", "Heavenly Lights 2". Each is a distinct stage that leads the mind into the meditative state and keeps it there. It's soft, calm, depth and flows at the same level, piercing into the innermost corners of your consciousness. The track called "Electronic Symphony 3" has very nice melody, rhythm, and many layers and sounds that will start to interfere, there's a dialogue between sounds, there's a cosmic process going on and the listener will be in the middle of this awesome experience.

A peaceful yet powerful collection of sounds that provoke profound energy focus...perfect for energy healing! Songs are very rich and delightful, very enigmatic.
The tracks of that release is like.... welcome to another beautiful day full of chances and inspiration , full of light and depth, full of positive thinking. Gulan's music behaves like an engine for those thoughts and feelings - it keeps you on the right track!

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