Gulan - Floating Textures. Ambient & Meditation music

Gulan - Floating Textures. Ambient & Meditation music

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Gulan - Floating Textures. Ambient & Meditation music

Artist/Band: Gulan

Drown In The Sea Of Meditation Music

Gulan is the pseudonym of a composer from Latvia. The floating drifting sound of his music leaves a deep impact on the mind, body, and soul. Therefore, it is used in various meditation centers, in yoga classes, and for other relaxation activities which help to enhance the power of mind and concentration. He has come up with another soulful soundscape in the form of "Floating Textures, Ambient Meditation music".

Gulan's soft and spiritual music seems to form cosmic associations. The acoustics seem to form rolling sound waves and the unusual construction of musical phrases and melodies lend originality and add a dash of mystery element to the sound effects.

Floating Textures

Floating Textures is another of Gulan's tranquil compositions. All the six numbers from his ninth album are different from each other. Like all other albums, this one too carries a richness of its own. It is a food for hungry spiritual souls which will take you on a spiritual odyssey. Floating Textures is not confined to a single genre. The compositions bear the technical mastery of their creator. Ordinary people and music pundits alike swear by the hypnotic effects Gulan's music creates. He seems to have brought a new genre of relaxation music from the outer universe.

Gulan also has a band and music studio at Latvia under his name. Many radio stations in the USA, the UK, and Australia broadcast his music. The hearers of his compositions seem to experience a trance like effect. He never fails to surprise his listeners with original compositions and atmospheric sounds never heard before. Listen to Gulan and experience the vibes of cosmic energy activating you, falling like crystal grains. Let the music soothe your senses.

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