Zenpurity - Drift
Produced by Alphaphonic
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Zenpurity - Drift

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Zenpurity - Drift

Artist/Band: Zenpurity

With this latest release "Drift" Zenpurity takes ambient soundscape into a decidedly hypnotic, meditational direction, fusing archaic analog technologies, layers of modal harmonies, and found objects into a quiet, mood induced sound collage.Because of their unique minimalist sound and formidable background working with organic musical synthesis, Zenpurity's "Drift" was chosen as the soundtrack for Zenchantment's Zen Garden and Cherry Blossoms Relaxation and Meditation DVD. Germinating out of the UC Santa Cruz Electronic Music Program, Zenpurity previously circumnavigated the backwaters and highlands of pure electronic synthesis and experimentation, before metamorphosis into the current incarnation. By sifting through new paradigms of exotic audio territories, Zenpurity assembles the raw materials into a distinctly original work that at once evokes the reverential and the serene.

Title #1825460
Format: CD-R