Masterless Samurai
Produced by Osamu Kitajima
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Masterless Samurai

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Masterless Samurai

Artist/Band: Osamu Kitajima

This is a reissue of his 3rd album "Masterless Samurai", which was originally released by Headfirst/MCA in 1978.
When the album came out, the renowned music critic Nat Hentoff wrote in Cosmopolitan magazine: One of the year's most fascinating aural-emotional experiences.
For Osamu's fans, this is one of the eagerly-awaited albums among his classics launched as CD.

Guest Musicians : Victor Feldman, Stix Hooper, John Klemmer, Abraham Laboriel, Alex Acuna, Bobby Hutcherson, Russell Kunkel, Dennis Belfield and Brian Whitcomb

Title #1836104
Format: CD-R