Into The Blue Moon
Produced by Osamu Kitajima
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Into The Blue Moon

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Into The Blue Moon

Artist/Band: Noboru Saito

Japan's top smooth and graceful saxophone player who plays a new kind of Jazz with Oriental flavors such as Koto, Biwa and Ainu voices.
Noboru Saito began his musical odyssey 33 years ago, taking up the organ when he was 5 years old. His next step was playing a saxophone in his teenage.
He formed his own band when he was 19 and started doing club gigs in Tokyo.
His reputation began to spread, leading to performances with big names such as Joe Yamanaka, Hiro Tsunoda in Japan. In late 1980's Noboru met one of the most innovative producers Osamu Kitajima(aka Dr. Kitajima these days) through Joe Yamanaka's recording session. Doctor fell in love with composer's venerable musical tradition. The producer Dr. Kitajima has honed his skills with some of Japan's ancient instruments, fusing the results with some of the more exciting elements of Western jazz.
By utilizing the koto, biwa(a Japanese lute), and various ethnic voices in a fresh context, Noboru and Doctor created a synthesis that is one of the most incredible albums of the year.

Guest Musicians : Freddie Ravel, Grant Geissman and Chris Mancinelli

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