Gravity Wave
Produced by Osamu Kitajima
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Gravity Wave

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Gravity Wave

Artist/Band: SEI

It's an innovative Euro-Asian Trance album which became #1 selling CD in Electronic genre on
This is the first project from this 19 year old "wunderkund" from Woodland Hills, California.
On it he not only composed all the music for the CD but plays all keyboards and synthesizers parts as well.
It's a breakthrough amalgamation of the latest sounds, beats and textures from the world of "trance" and "techno" mixed with traditional Japanese instruments such as "koto", "shakuhachi", and "biwa".
Imagine being at the trendiest dance club in New York or London, when suddenly the doors are flung open and a troop of traditional Japanese musicians wander in, set up and then play along to the "deepest" tracks the djs are spinning.
East meets west in a totally new and seductive way -- and you can dance to it.
SEI started taking piano lessons when he was young, but as with many kids soon lost interest.
But when he was 14, he once again was attracted to the piano and started studying, concentrating on the classics, blues and jazz.
As a matter of fact, you can still hear him between sessions at his home studio in Woodland Hills, playing a little Chopin or Debussy.
No doubt about it, SEI will be making quite a splash in the coming months with his first CD "Gravity Wave". A wave that reaches from the beaches of California to the Islands of Japan -- to your heart.
Airy-fairy but rich vocal by Lauren Renaud is adding a strong point to the album.

Mark Winkler

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