Spirit Rider
Produced by Osamu Kitajima & Chris Mancinelli
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Spirit Rider

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Spirit Rider

Artist/Band: The Fabulous Breaker Boys

Very advanced Electronica/Techno album with '60s Venturelike guitar sound utilizing tube spring reverb.
The "Neo-Surf" sound has finally arrived.
With millions of surfers worldwide and the numbers growing every year, a massive audience is waiting for the innovation of the surf sound.
Starting as a Southern California happening, surfing itself has grown to an international phenomenon.
The music, which was born from this localized lifestyle, branched out to the masses through hits like "Pipeline" and "Wipe Out".
Worldwide, surfers as well as all music lovers anticipate the next wave. Unchanged since the 1960's, and without a doubt, classic in its impact, surf music is loved by hordes of listeners.
With the utmost reverence, and an eye towards the future The Fabulous Breaker Boys bring a log-awaited renewal of the surf sound.
Maintaining the magic of the distinctive surf guitar style, the neo-surf unites cutting edge rhythmic drive with unique electronic character.
Fun however is at the heart of this resurgence. A continuation of one of history's most original and lasting styles, the sound has finally arrived...it's time to break the waves and wake the raves.

Title #1837078
Format: CD-R