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Artist/Band: Osamu Kitajima

This is a reissue of his 2nd album "OSAMU", which was originally released by Island Records in 1977.
The album was produced by the late Hal Yoergler who was one of the greatest producers of all-time in American pop music history.
Here are some fine examples of reviews posted on major magazines and papers when the album came out.

"Traditional Japanese music and instruments meets rock 'n roll?
Yep, and it's a lot more successful than you'd ever expect." - Playboy

"If you have a taste for exotic music this album is worth a listen ...Highly melodic and modal at the same time, this album is a refreshing departure from most Western music." - The Retriever

"A sound absolutely unique ... it begs to be heard. Kitajima is an original ... he will be heard from again." - Michael Tearson, Audio

"Kitajima has truly succeeded in blending Western jazz/pop idioms and traditional Japanese music with surprisingly good results.
Kitajima creates a very unusual yet intriguing atmosphere of sound." - Cue

For Osamu's fans, this is one of the eagerly-awaited albums among his classics launched as CD.

Title #1837787
Format: CD-R