Spatial Moment
Produced by Osamu Kitajima
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Spatial Moment

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Spatial Moment

Artist/Band: Memi

Listen to the crystal clear sound of Yubibue ( Finger Whistle ) performed by Memi.
Memi is the prodigy of her well-known father, Daizo Tamura, who is the creator of the finger flute and who first introduced "YUBIBUE" as an innovative style of music to the world.
Not only the natural sounds and smooth Nepali female vocal done by Sagun but also excellent Bansuri ( Bamboo Flute ) performance by Pancha bring this album to life and give you tranquility and healing to your mind.
The producer Osamu's grandiose arrangement is more than pleasing to your ears.
Yubibue has never been produced this way before.

Title #1837806
Format: CD-R