Produced by Osamu Kitajima
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Artist/Band: Osamu Kitajima

His debut album in the United States on Antilles (Island Rec.) released in 1976, Benzaiten, was a mix of progressive rock and traditional Japanese music, and was well received in US, captured numerous "underground" radio airplay and sold moderately well, in addition it was released abroad later including Japan.
And the album was chosen as #1 special mention album on the major music trading paper WALRUS at that time.
"One of the year's most significant recordings ..... A true unification of Eastern and Western music, the kind that enhances both .... for breaking new ground .... Osamu must be considered extraordinary." - WALRUS

The song #1 "Benzaiten" was produced by the late Hal Yoergler who was one of the greatest producers of all-time in American pop music history.
This short version of "Benzaiten" does not exist without him. What he has done for Osamu is greatly appreciated.

Title #1840107
Format: CD-R